About Me

Raised in Michigan, Brett spent the past seven years in New York City earning his chops on the stand up scene. He has performed in the Connecticut Comedy Festival, The Women in Comedy Festival Presented by HBO, and worked as a Staff Writer for Universal Comedy Network. He received a BFA in Acting from Michigan State University. Brett is best known for the controversial 2016 viral video "Selfie Stick Cutter", which he since revealed was staged after receiving many death threats.

Height: 5'10"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Bald

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Robert Young | Batman: Friendly Fire (Fan Film) | 2021

Supporting Actor​ - Sal Maroni

Broadway Comedy Club Presents | Stand Up Comedy | 2020


Old Mill Entertainment | The King of Detroit | 2014

Lead Actor - Matt Kegler


McCaskill Studio | The Professional Class | Robert McCaskill

UCB Training Center | Advanced Study Improv | UCB, NY

UCB Training Center | Advanced Study Sketch | UCB, NY

Michigan State University | BFA Acting | Kirk Domer, Rob Roznowski​

Special Skills

Krav Maga, Guitar, Basic Piano, SCUBA Certified, Valid Passport, Ice Hockey, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Impressions

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